Here at, our goal is to help people find rewarding careers that truly excite them. As the founder of this site, I wanted to create a resource that provides real, tangible advice to those navigating their career journeys.

My name is Anwesha Sarkar, and I have a background in writing about career and education topics. After finishing my English degree a few years ago, I found myself at a bit of a crossroads. Like many recent grads, I felt unsure which career path was the right fit for me. During this transitional period, I researched various industries and roles pretty extensively to weigh my different options.

Through that process, I realized how valuable it would have been to have a go-to site that clearly explained different careers. I wanted to hear advice from people actually working in those fields and learn insider tips that you can’t get from job postings alone.

Since I already had experience writing about careers and education, I decided to launch this site. My goal was to create the helpful, empowering resource I wished I’d had early on. Here, you can explore various career profiles, compare options, and get qualified through our advice articles.

At, our mission is to provide:

  • Well-researched, engaging overviews of in-demand careers
  • Insights from professionals through interviews
  • Assessments and quizzes to understand your strengths
  • Tips to build your resume, interview skills, and more
  • Job boards to find openings in your field

Most importantly, I want to inspire visitors like you to turn your interests into a fulfilling vocation. With the right prep and guidance, you can land an amazing career that leverages your unique passions and talents. I’m excited for you to explore the site and take the first steps toward career success!