Start Your Career In copywriting – 2022

If you enjoy Reading, Writing and Digital marketing then you can start career in copywriting.

A Copywriters is a person who should be creative and needs to think out of the box produce the best and engaging content. Copywriters are paid to create small jingles, emails, small descriptions and scripts to sell, promote or launch a product or service.

This post is for those who are searching how to start your career in copywriting.

If you want to know what a Copywriter in India does, how much a Copywriter paid for his/her works or whether you want to know more about this profession then this article can help you with all relevant information your need to grow in this profession.

What Copywriter Do

Unlike other glamorous Professionals like Actors, bloggers and authors. Copywriters are not glamorous jockeys of the Digital marketing and Advertising platforms. But the play an important role in everything. So to start a career in copywriting you have to know actually what they do.

Writing copy

The primary job for a Copywriter is to produce high quality and eye-catching copy’s for their clients and brands. This copy should imply the tone and voice of the brand and it should be targeted to the right audience and needs to communicate with them properly.

Whether it is for magazines, blogs, product descriptions, or social media copywriters have to make sure that their content is communicating with the right audience. A well written copy has the power to draw attention from the audiance and some kind of action and reaction.

Interpret breifs

Another duty of a copywriter is interpreting client breifs. You have to interpret the breifs sent by the client and break into actionable copies. Based on the requirement the copies then converted into creative or campaigns.


An average copywriter handles multiple clients/brands even on tighter deadlines. And they need to create engaging copies for clients based on the needs. Copywriter also needs to work on pitching brands and new clients.


Copywriters need to be very collaborative. You can’t work in a vaccum.  Wherever you are working based on the the work environment you have to collaborate with other team members to produce high quality copies and pitches. Mainly with Digital marketing manager and Designers.

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How to start Your Career in Copywriting

We have understood what a copywriter do and what are their job responsibilities and work roles. Now let’s check how to start your in copy writing.


The right Education and training can bring the best copywriter from yourself. You can do a bachelor’s course in journalism, Mass communication or in advertising field.

Self Learn And practice

Copywriting is a highly creative field so you have to practice yourself becomes the best version. You need to think dynamically and process all related information to create high quality content.

Start reading books and copywriting related ebooks like copywriting secrets, the copywriters handbook etc.

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